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Welcome VIP! This exclusive PASS is for individuals from all areas of life. Are you a CEO of a large corporation? Head of a sports team or an Corporate Executive.  A small to middle size business owner, owner of a new start-up business? An Educator, part of a Non-Profit organization, Ministry Leader. Everyone gets stuck just the same; just like we do from time to time. Join us at Coach Carter's Live Event and be our VIP Guest. 

What to Expect at the Exclusive Meet & Greet:

Expect to join like minded solution seeking individuals who get stuck just like you do. Expect an exclusive meet and greet with Coach Carter and a photo opportunity. Expect to receive his 2-for-1 book Success Uncomplicated partnered with Think and Grow Rich. Coach Carter and his team will be going deeper into Success Uncomplicated with you for your 15 min laser coaching session and will be covering additional material that is only available only to this exclusive group of ticket holders.

A message from Coach Carter on why you should be a part of this Exclusive Meet & Greet  “I am the coach who cares, not making broken promises and fake offers. I don't care if you are a Champion on the court and only win that 1 game; because long-term solutions come overtime. You need an experienced real life Coach to help you get to the finish line and cross it. I’m serious about your success and you getting  the VIP ticket tells me you are too.”

Sign up for the VIP exclusive pass for your winning approach that you have been seeking. This is a rare opportunity to work directly with Coach Carter and his winning team.  Space is limited intentionally, so that you have real time with America’s Favorite Coach, your Favorite Coach.

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More reasons why VIP: If you want in on Coaches 12- Steps To Success Mastermind: Real Solutions For Real People with Real Problems, this exclusive session is designed to give you Coach Carter’s Success Playbook (a blueprint of practical solutions for everyday use to get real results).  We suggest getting in now – you have only a short time available to take advantage of locking in your VIP Pass at the Live Event. Guaranteed to sell out quickly.

End your year with finally getting your breakthrough to have you running into 2018 prepared for your success transformation.

We are not promising unreal or unattainable results. What we do know is you can't solve the problem if you are at the same levels the problem. Be a part of Coach Carter’s Champion League and you will not be on the same level as your problems; you will be a part of Real Solutions for Real People with Real Problems.  

This event with Coach Carter will change you.
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